About Fatty’s Finance

My aim is to simplify finance and make it palatable for everybody. I want to bring fresh perspective to help you in making rational financial decisions. If you don’t agree with my perspective I am always happy to hear yours and learn from you.

I gather only the freshest financial trends and topics, mix them together with economics, health, business, science and other quality ingredients and stew them over long hours to serve you the simplest and most wholesome financial meals. I will change the menus mix and match so you always enjoy the latest ideas added with my secret spices.

Financial blogs are a dime a dozen. Why start yet another personal finance blog from an unknown fatty who loves to eat and probably have no credentials nor working experience in the financial industry? (Probably just another FIRE blogger jumping on the bandwagon). I have three reasons:

  1. I bring the perspective of the financial illiterate who went through the process of enlightenment. I understand your point of view. (Even if you are working in the financial industry, you can learn about how we think and sell us more of your financial products. Win win)
  2. I have no financial products to sell to you. Not earning any commissions from any insurance companies or fund companies. I genuinely want to share good ideas and get you thinking. And if my words get you to research more and seek independent financial advise, I have already achieved my goal.
  3. *Cough* If this blog takes off. Get ad revenue * Cough Cough*

Over the lifetime of this blog, which I hope it will survive the next recession, I will explore the following topics:

  • Personal finance
  • Financial planning
  • Investing philosophies
  • Investing strategies
  • Non financial matters which relates to finance

Feel free to suggest more. I am always eager to hear your feedback. Until then, please read on, ponder about what I have to say and live a more fulfilling life.


Fatty, CFA (Certainly Fat Ass), CFP (Certified Fat Person)


2 thoughts on “About Fatty’s Finance”

  1. LOL! I love your candid post, and I can identify with all 3 points!
    (anymore would be too many, I think the human brain can’t absorb so much)

    1. I used to be financially illiterate. Somewhat still is one.
    2. I have nothing (of my own) to sell too. Win-win referrals is how I roll.
    3. *cough*yes*cough*


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