Investing Philosophy

Lessons From The Bear

The bear is a wonderful and wise creature. Draw inspiration and learn from its ways.

From spring to autumn, the bear invests in itself, hunting for food, saving up fat for the long winter ahead.

When the autumn breeze hints winter’s arrival, at the slightest scent of cold air, the migratory animals leave by the droves, exiting the market, seeking warmer safe havens.

When you see them fly away in large flocks and in a sea of red, you know it is coming – the inevitable winter. A time of recession.

Not so for the bear. It stays in the market. It is not going anywhere.

The bear does not fight winter or try to prevent it. Warm or cold, the bear is prepared for it.

Once winter arrives, the forest is silent and food is scarce. The bear goes back to its refuge and hibernates.

In its cave, the bear is sheltered from the raging winter storm, oblivious to any news outside. What it does not know, does not affect it. The bear sticks to its hibernation plan.

The bear only expenses the bare minimum it needs to survive and saves up the remaining energy and sleeps.

The temperatures may drop lower, the bear is well diversified in the warm cave, with thick fur, fat deposits and a lower metabolism, it sleeps on. As long as it takes.

The longer the winter drags on, the longer the bear sleeps. As long as it takes.

At last, spring returns after a long slumber. The warm sun melts away the winter snow and the forest economy slowly recovers. The flowers start to bloom, migratory animals return, other animals emerge from their long slumber and salmon starts flooding the rivers.

Our bear awakens from it’s long slumber, ready to hunt, to live on, thrive and prosper.


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