50th Post, Blog Plans and Highlights

I have reached my 50th post since I started the blog early in January 2020. 

Back then, I could not have imagined how 2020 would have turned out.

Britain officially left the EU, the COVID-19 pandemic, the market crash in March, the end of the longest-running bull market in history, the looming recession, racial riots in the US etc. 

Indeed an eventful year and we are only halfway through it.

It is even more critical now, in difficult times, that we listen to sound financial advice and act prudently. 

Plans for this blog

First of all, I wanted to introduce the new theme and a new home page layout.

Moving forward, I will start publishing a new post every Tuesday, and I will start a weekly newsletter every Friday. So, be sure to subscribe.

Most of all, I want to thank you all for reading and following this blog. 

Please feel free to comment or suggest any new topics you might want to read, and I can research it and share it with all of you.


Here are some articles I would like to highlight:

Or maybe I can convince you to join the Fama camp – markets are efficient. Therefore you should invest passively.

1 thought on “50th Post, Blog Plans and Highlights”

  1. Congrats on hitting 50 posts! It’s definitely been a crazy start to 2020. Really enjoying following your blog 🙂


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