Why You Should Use A Roboadvisor

It was a busy month.  While juggling between working from home with a full-time job, taking care of kids, and an ongoing renovation, I had little time to spare for my blog.  I even stopped reading the news and forgot to follow the market recently. It was fortunate that I didn't see my tech-heavy portfolio plunge in… Continue reading Why You Should Use A Roboadvisor

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Why You Should Pay For Your HDB With CPF

One article showed up in my feed one fine afternoon: Why you should not pay for your HDB with CPF Naturally, I clicked because I am a believer in paying for your HDB with CPF. Maybe I might get converted to the pay-with-cash camp. The Summary of The Article "Why you should not pay for… Continue reading Why You Should Pay For Your HDB With CPF


Fundamental vs Technical Analysis

On Thursday, Sep 3, 2020, there was a massive sellout of tech stocks. The NASDAQ dropped 5% on Thursday. Apple was down 8 per cent; Amazon was down 4.5 per cent; Microsoft was down 6%. The losses were further extended on Friday, Sep 4, 2020. Tech is the rage now and may possibly be the… Continue reading Fundamental vs Technical Analysis