Why This Blog

Welcome to Fatty’s Finance. My aim is to simplify personal finance and make it palatable for everybody.

Financial health is like physical health – You need good health to pursue your life goals but without good health it becomes your central issue.

As someone who did not come from a finance background, I understand that this industry can be intimidating. To make things worse, financial products (funds, insurances, loans etc etc…) tend to be complicated with many hidden fees and costs.

I believe managing your finances should be simpler. I believe it should be cheaper.

I believe with enough financial literacy, we can make better decisions for ourselves and not rely on others to manage or decide our finances on our behalf.

What Will Be In This Blog

I gather only the freshest financial trends and topics, mix them together with economics, health, business, science and other quality ingredients and stew them over long hours to serve you the simplest and most wholesome meals.

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I always strive to create the best possible content and make it available freely. Writing an article involves many hours of research, writing and editing.

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